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Comedies and Mock Documentaries

It’s probably a safe statement to make in saying that everyone loves to laugh.  This is why that comedies are one of the most popular genres of movies that exist.  It’s fun to laugh and usually looked at by people as the very definition of having a good time together with family and friends.  But, even if one is alone, it’s great to watch a film or TV show and just laugh for 30 minutes or for over an hour and a half.

Interestingly, there have also been scientific studies in recent years that have shown that laughing is good medicine.  There are multiple aspects to this, both the physical aspect of what laughing does for the body like better breathing and physical relaxation.  And, also, the emotional and mental aspects of laughter and the better mood it provides.  If one is having a stressful day or week, then being able to laugh and enjoy some good humor can change one’s mood and bring about a whole different perspective.

There are different types of comedies and on television, you usually are talking about situational comedies or sitcoms.  Just like they sound, you have various situations that people get into that provide good laughs.  These could be ridiculous situations that occur or just circumstances that are bizarre or even day to day normal that are light hearted.  A lot of times, the laughs could be physically oriented with falls, spills, or other missteps.  Hopefully, the humor isn’t in someone else’s suffering, but sometimes this could be the case.  A good example of this are the various bloopers type of shoes, where people slip, fall, or do silly things.  America’s Funniest Home Video’s was a very popular version of this show.  Now, of course, the popular channel for this type of entertainment to be shared and viewed is on social media and especially Facebook and YouTube.  Otherwise, if we’re talking about whole movies, places like Netflix and 123movies are the places to go for streaming the content to you.

There are different types of comedies into sub-genres like comedy-horror, romantic comedy, and every fake or mockumentaries.  The romantic comedy has been a very popular genre for the last 20 years or so.  People generally like romance, anyway, and the comedy perhaps makes it softer, more approachable, and less heavy for consumption.  The more recent addition is the mock-documentary, which is just like it sounds a fake documentary about a topic.  A great example of this is “Best in Show”, which is a mock documentary about a dog show and the participants.  It is very funny and a prime example of good humor being poked at a variety of people and situations.

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Enjoying a Movie at Home

Now, more than ever, it’s possible to really have a great time at home.  We talk a lot about home theaters here at this website and we have a real passion around watching movies at home.  How can you beat the experience of having incredible thrills of the best action movies, while you sit on a very comfortable chair or couch in the comforts of your own home?

There’s nothing like the convenience, privacy, and freedom of having these moments alone or with your favorite people (and pets)!  You just can’t get the same thing anywhere else.  Going to public cinemas is going to be restrictive in terms of how you want to enjoy the film.  Do you want it a little louder?  How about the volume a little softer?  What if it’s too dark or not dark enough?

Is someone annoying sitting next to you or blocking your view?  Would you like to stop the action for a bit and go to the bathroom?  What about stopping to go get a snack to have the perfect viewing conditions?  You also have no ability to put on subtitles to really understand all of the dialogue, when things get noisy or if a movie just has some bad audio sections.  I would also think that your home is going to be a lot cleaner and hygienic than the local theater!

The freedom and privacy to yell, whoop, cry, laugh out loud, or gasp can also be done at home without worrying about others.  Not to mention the ability to pause something to have a meaningful short discussion with a family member or friend about what you just saw or heard.  And, of course, you can even rewind or pause a moment or passage to really understand it or take it all in for the best enjoyment of the work.

And, not only can you get that snack from the kitchen and not miss anything, you can also get exactly the food and drink you want.  There are no restriction of what you can eat or drink.  So, you can have an elaborate snack, a cocktail, or anything you desire and not worry that it’s not offered at the theater, or it’s prohibited, or that it may be prohibitively expensive.

Given all of the advances in technology in the smoking arena, you also can comfortable enjoy your electronic cigarette without it being banned or possibly bother other patrons at the local cinema.  So, enjoy movies at home and get the snacks in your wonderful home theater!

Offers Of Home Theaters

Home theaters are for those days wherein rather than watching a movie in a theater near you; you would watch it in the comfort of your house. The thing about this though is you can either watch it on your TV and laptop, or you can use a projector for it. In the end, you would still be able to watch the movie you want to watch.

There are offers that you can get for the home theater and here are some of it.

Comfort: One of the great offers of home theaters is you get to feel comfortable. This would mean that you can just wear your night clothes if you want to watch a movie in your house. You can just not shower on that day if you wanted to because you’re at home, so the more comfortable you are then, the better. You can even release what you feel about the show you are watching without any comments from other people because you are in your house.

Control: Another offer from home theaters is control. Remember that you are in your house watching a movie or a series so that would mean if you want to change the show at any point or if you want to pause it for any reason then you can. You can even choose whatever show or movie you want to watch. There is no one controlling the situation except you when you do the home theaters.

Safety: If you are worried about going home late because of the movie, then you don’t have to worry about that when you do the home theater. You see, when it comes to the home theater you are watching the movie safely in your house, and if you are worried about your friends and family going home late, then you can always have a slumber party after watching a movie at your home theater.

Exclusiveness: When it comes to the home theater, then there will always be a sense of exclusiveness in it. Remember that you are watching the movie in your house so that would mean that it would only be you, your family and your friends in the house which also means that you can shout and cry all you want and no one will bother you. Exclusiveness is important because you aren’t limited to showcase how you feel about the movie.

Budget able: If you are worried about the price, then don’t worry because there is nothing for you to be worried about. All you need will be good movies, new or old, and any food and a house that you can stay in or your own house. You might even spend less than ten dollars when you do the home theater.

No limits: The home theater can also offer you no limits. This would mean that you can do this every day if you want to and you can do this for the whole day or the whole night. You are never limited when you do this because you are in control and it’s just you, your family and friends.

Now you know what the offers of the home theaters are and by knowing what the offers are then, you should begin to realize that doing this with your friends and family can be a great way to spend time if you are on a budget. Also since the home theater offers no limitation, this would also mean that it wouldn’t matter how you prepared it. If you enjoyed yourself, then everything is good.

Good luck on assembling a wonderful home theater system for your house as it can be a very rewarding experience.  And, while you’re at it, there are a lot more great home improvement projects and appliance reviews you can get educated on by reviewing the excellent information over at Home Fix Planet.